House of OakSpring

Covenstead of the Old Religion

Merry meet to all who pass this way.
In perfect love and perfect trust.


Learn More About Wicca

Located in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area (Decatur, Georgia), the charge of the House of OakSpring is to provide for spiritual expression, growth, and the exploration of the deeper mysteries. As a Wiccan community, we carry on spiritual and ritual traditions of the old ways.

Wiccan Beliefs & Practices

Wicca is a nature oriented religion. Wiccans consider the natural processes of the Earth and the Greater universe to be divine. All life and all lives are sacred.

What is a Wiccan?

A Wiccan is a follower of the religion of Wicca, an initiatory mystery religion that reveres both the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine Life Force and believes that man is not separated from the divine, but part of its creation and, therefore, part of it.

The New Wiccan Book of the Law

This Book of the Law is considered to be one of the most comprehensive guidelines to “Living Witchcraft” that modern Paganism has to offer.


An Esbat is a gathering of Wiccans happening during the night of the Full Moon. The purpose of an Esbat is to celebrate the Full Moon and honor the Deities. Esbat rituals are part of the Wiccan Wheel of the Year along with the eight Sabbats.


We are a very celebratory people and take every opportunity to rejoice in the good fortune that keeps us on this turn of the Wheel.


House of OakSpring
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